Playstation 5: release date, price, specs, and latest PS5 news

Playstation 5: release date, price, specs, and latest PS5 news

PlayStation devices always come with very great features and features in addition to the wonderful performance by playing them via DVD or Blu-ray discs in 4K resolution and all this was provided by PlayStation devices since its launch, it is certain that PlayStation 5 devices come with superior features and features, for example, will we find the new device Supports optical media and this is not the only question that all PlayStation fans who are eagerly awaiting the announcement date or launching the device on the market ask about the possibility of supporting the device to the accuracy of 8K or not, as they are constantly asking about the cost of the device for sure, so we decided we will answer you today All your inquiries about the price and specifications of the Playstation 5 with the latest news and the date of issuance of the device, and it is great to see the Playstation 5 that contains the resolution of the video display in the technology of 8K and supports AMD Ryzen cards and also has a processor from the Radeon Navi series and an SSD storage disk and not only this but the device is supported For HDR and Dolby Vision that are on the Xbox, and it is not difficult for the Japanese company Sony to create a PlayStation that supports a Blu-ray 4K drive, all of the above is And desires of fans of lovers and PlayStation Players, at the same time many ask about the possibility of the availability of these features and features in the new device from Sony or not.

All of the above were the wishes and questions of fans of playing games via PlayStation devices and all these previous questions have been answered by chief engineer of Sony PlayStation devices factory Mark Cerny through an interview in April 2019 with some specifications that were officially announced during the middle of March 2020, and now you The answer to your questions via the following points.

Will PlayStation 5 specifications support 8K video?

Mark Cerny confirmed that the device will support video with 8K technologies in addition to AMD Ryzen cards that have a capacity of 7 nano in addition to the GPU processor of the Radeon Navi series. The device also supports SSD storage drives, it is worth noting that HDR is enabled in devices PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 PRO with HDR10 format and all of that will be available in PlayStation 5 devices without any difference, but we can see a more advanced version than previous versions as the new version will not exclude HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies especially as the new Xbox games are working With these technologies in real time.

Will the PlayStation 5 have a 4K Blu-ray drive?
It will contain an optical drive, but the specifications and features of this drive have not been explicitly disclosed, and the PlayStation 4 did not have a Blu-ray 4K drive, so many hope that this new device will support this drive and in return support Xbox and One S drives. 4K for home cinema enthusiasts.

Playstation 5 will support Dolby Atmos?

Many users hope that the PlayStation 5 devices support the Dolby Atmos system, which is a sound system that enables the device to obtain high-fidelity sound, clear and in three dimensions. 7.1 sound. On the other hand, there are Microsoft devices that support the DTS X sound system and Dolby Atmos sound system in addition to a 4K Blu-ray drive. It is worth noting that Mark Cerny has promised that PlayStation 5 devices will come with a new gold standard in sound, and he has demanded Much that the redesigned 3D audio engine provides more accurate and quality sound and this feature will work simply through TV headsets and headphones compatible with the device and therefore we believe that the Sony console will be compatible with the Reality Audio format, so we all hope The new administration of the Playstation devices supports the Dolby Atmos sound system for both game and movie content, as well as the user will need a compatible AV receiver and also an audio setting compatible with the Dolby At sound system. mos.

Will the Playstation 5 VR be PSVR compatible?

Mark Cerny has not confirmed that the VR headsets are for use with PlayStation 5 because PSVRs are not as powerful and not as accurate as this new version like the other headphones as Oculus Rift or HTC Vive and so it will make sense The second-generation headphones are launched that are powerful and impressive with the new consoles.

Playstation 5: release date, price, specs, and latest PS5 news

Which PlayStation 5 games have been announced?

Sony revealed the most important games that the company will support, in the forefront of which is the famous Grand Theft Auto V game, and PLUS users will get the game for free, with the support of the racing game Gran Turismo 7 produced by the Japanese company Polyphni Digital and also revealed the games of the Resident Evil Village, where It was under the name Resident Evil 7 during its launch in 2017 and supported the game of fantasy and adventure Oddworld oulstorm, which was announced during this year, and many expect that the FIFA 2020 game will be among the games in the new version of the Playstation, but this was not officially announced until Now also, the names and names of upcoming games in this device have not been announced by Sony, although there are some indications that there are a number of great games installed and revealed by the game developers themselves. For example, CD Projekt Red has confirmed its development of the game Cyberpunk 2077. Coming, it is certain that this game will include the new Playstation 5, as it is expected that there will be a game, The Last of Us Part Two, and the game Starfield, which is an RB game. JG satellite in addition to the second part of the epic and fantasy game Bethesda and The Elder Scrolls 6, as many users are waiting for the next wave of games included in this new version in addition to the very waiting for Japanese controllers and Ghost of Tsushima as well as the project Hideo Kojima and Death Stranding.

Playstation 5 games

Sony is expected to increase its focus on the PlayStation Now cloud platform, which is based on subscription and remote play, and Microsoft and Sony recently announced that they are working together on cloud computing technologies, which is sure to give a strong boost to PlayStation Now as the platform was Incomplete with regard to high games as well as problems with delay and interruption of communication, it is worth noting that Sony had filed a patent in 2014 and the patent was regarding the service through which the Playstation games broadcast can be obtained on other devices for users and it has competed With that invention the Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud platforms, Sony is also looking to support the G5 technology to help players use the feature of remote play while playing and moving as the service currently allows players to broadcast games from their keyboard to other devices, such as tablets and smartphones in addition To PS Vita mobile devices.

Playstation 5 games Will they be compatible with previous versions of Playstation?

Sony described the backward compatibility of the PlayStation 5 (the compatibility of PlayStation 5 games with previous versions of the PlayStation) as being incredibly strong and this is good news for all owners of PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 who want to play online with their friends, but it is not clear in terms of compatibility PlayStation 5 games with previous versions comprehensively or will only agree with some titles and we believe that PlayStation 5 games will be largely compatible with PlayStation 4, and it is worth noting that PlayStation 5 devices will be able to work as an emulator for previous versions PlayStation 2, 3 and 4 in addition To the original PlayStation games but this news has not been officially confirmed.

What are the official PlayStation 5 specifications?
In mid-March, the company Sony announced some specifications of the PlayStation device in a live broadcast via its YouTube channel under the title Road to PS5, to show the company for the first time officially about the capabilities of the expected gaming device, where its specifications came as follows: –

  • 3.5GHz AMD Zen 2 Octa Core processor.
  • AMD RDNA 2 graphics processor with 10.28 teraflop power.
  • 16 GB 256 GB GDDR6 RAM.
  • The rate of data transfer in memory at a speed of 448 GB per second.
  • NVMe SSD 825GB ultra-fast storage with up to 5Gbps data transfer rate.
  • 4K Blu-ray laser drive.
    The ability to display games with 8K resolution and 4K display at 120 fps.

Playstation 5 and DualSense controller:

The Japanese company Sony recently announced the controlling arm in playing games, which is called DualSense, and this device belongs to the second generation of the new games platform that is linked to the PlayStation 5 series. It is worth noting that Sony Japan has not yet announced the shape of the platform, but in general it is a phrase On a control arm that comes in a larger size other than what was manufactured by the company 25 years ago. On the other hand, Sony has turned to the same trend that prevails in the manufacture of the PlayStation controller, where it followed the same design that was going on since ancient times and for many years, which is the same The design of PlayStation 1 devices and even PlayStation 4 devices, and we notice that the new design looks somewhat different but there are some somewhat many changes, and those changes lie within the control arm where the technology used in the previous versions has been replaced which is Rumble technology with a more realistic technology this As well as the buttons in the control arms that can adapt more to the arm with the ability to adjust the resistance of the buttons for any effects that occur in the game or during playing games.

The arms also come with a built-in microphone, and this is the first microphone that Sony Corporation puts in the arms of the PlayStation devices. This microphone works to allow players to chat with friends without using headphones while playing the game, as the arms also come with a USB-C port and this port has been awaited by many players In addition to enjoying these arms with a new and wonderful color system, this system is bicolor and this system is similar in style, method and quality to the PSVR system, but as for the external shape and the design of the arms it is completely different and new from previous versions where it comes more roundly in terms of handles and front buttons, Sony has also renamed some of the buttons, including the Share button, and its name became the Create button, and this button appeared for the first time in PlayStation 4 devices in DualShock 4 controllers, and this button works to provide a new party for players so that they can share game content with others. From all over the world as soon as possible, via various social media platforms such as YouTube, the Twitch app and others.

Sony has announced that it will announce many other additional details of the new arms, with solutions and the approaching date of the launch of the new device, and on the other hand, the head of interactive entertainment for Sony Jim Ryan stated that the new control arm DualSense represents a new deal of its kind completely different On the old and previous devices, and therefore, it will cause a fundamental change in the PlayStation platforms industry and a jump will not occur before, adding that the arms have been tested on many sizes of the hands of the players with the aim of obtaining the highest level of comfort for the hands of the players while holding the arms Consequently, it has been developed to become as part of the player’s body and not just a way to play games, and therefore the player will feel that he is playing these games with his hand and not with a tangible arm, and therefore the players while playing the game will not feel the presence of these arms in their hands at all.

Playstation 5 price:

The price of this device is likely to be close to the price of the PlayStation 4, because the prices of all versions of the PlayStation devices are close to each other as the original PlayStation and PS2 came at $ 299 and the PS3 came at $ 425 and $ 499, and the device also came PS4 at $ 399 and at £ 359, and the PS5 is expected to be at $ 750.

Playstation 5 release date:

After it was officially announced, many people ask about the date for the release of the PlayStation 5, which the company indicated will be available on the market during the holiday of 2020 and expected to be between October and December, it was expected to be announced last April of this year, but like many events Important The event was postponed due to the events of the Corona Covid-19 epidemic that swept the entire world, but now and finally after the long wait, it was officially launched during an online event via the Internet. The year does not know that yet.

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