5 Wrong beliefs hinder weight loss You Should Never Ignore

5 Wrong beliefs hinder weight loss You Should Never Ignore

We will give you the most important false beliefs that hinder weight loss.

Obesity is one of the most serious diseases. It does not only affect the general appearance and appearance, as some people think but affect the entire body.

According to the professor of therapeutic nutrition and obesity, overweight is accompanied by many other serious diseases, including high blood pressure, high sugar, bone, and joint pain, tiredness, and many other diseases. To lose weight healthily, you should follow the correct eating habits, but there are some false beliefs that some follow for weight loss. These beliefs do not help in getting rid of fat as well as they reduce combustion rates. We will show you the most prominent of these beliefs that must be avoided.

Calculation of calories only

Calculate calories while dieting for things that can actually contribute to weight loss. Calories that can be taken per day per person are determined by body weight. But this thinking may prompt some of us to pay attention only to the number of calories to be addressed and not to quality and diversity. The basis of a diet is to eat foods that are used. For example, eating 100 calories of fruit is definitely different from eating 100 pieces of candy, because sweets will damage your body and turn into fat So you should not rely entirely on calorie intake more than relying on healthy eating.

Exercise in the morning before eating

Some believe that exercise in the morning before breakfast helps to raise the rate of combustion in the body, and thus lose weight quickly Studies and research have shown that exercise on an empty stomach is not beneficial, as it loses weight, but most weight loss is muscle deficiency and not fat So, before exercising for two hours, you should eat a balanced meal containing carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat, prefer not to exercise more than one hour a day.

Eat apple cider vinegar

Recipe for apple vinegar added to warm water is one of the most famous recipes for slimming. The goal of this recipe is to burn fat and raise the burn rate but this is completely incorrect Apple cider vinegar does not help to burn fat, and there are many herbs and foods that help to burn fat safely. Drinking apple cider vinegar on an empty stomach causes irritation in the stomach, and when you continue to eat, it can cause stomach ulcers.

Drink warm water

Some people believe that drinking warm water on the stomach helps melt fat and put it into the urine, but this is not true When the water enters the body takes the body temperature does not differentiate the body if the water is cold or warm On the contrary, taking water in the morning on saliva is useful for the body and helps to expel toxins and get rid of waste, but there is no evidence that it helps to break fat when it is warm.

Cabbage soup to burn fat

Cabbage soup spreads heavily among women. In this diet, women do not eat any food other than cabbage soup for a full week or more than a week! In fact, there are some people who lose a lot of weight when following this diet, but this temporary weight loss Most of the lost weight is water and muscle, not fat, and therefore only go back to natural food again we find we are increasing weight fast In addition, depriving the body of a whole week of various nutrients negatively affects health

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