Top 5 braids hairstyle for women

Way side hair
We play the subtlety by slipping two braids glued side hair. We do not just wear them thick, we put on the finesse for a hairstyle pimpée in the blink of an eye. The result? A rock hairstyle and who throws!

Way “boxer braids”
The “boxer braids” continue to seduce and will delight the long hairs on the beach. These double braids will also easily dress a nice naked back and will spice up any outfit!


Iroquois way
It is sporting on the top of the skull and we do not hesitate to play maxi braid for maximum effect! We choose either to weave all along with the hair, or we finish in the low tail by betting on a game of contrasts.


Crown way
Square cuts can also easily wear the glued braid. We then put on a braid crown effect by focusing on a lock at the front of the hair. The rendering will be romantic and original.


On the top of the head
The braid stuck on the top of the head is the hairstyle of this summer 2019. It ends in a bunted hair-tousled and we are ready for a relaxing but stylish holiday!


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