How to can I do my makeup fast in the morning?

How to can I do my makeup fast in the morning

One of the essential things that every girl and woman caresabout during her day is applying a soft, natural, and attractive makeup at thesame time during the morning.

When we go out in the morning, whether we are orientedtowards work or university, we need women to apply soft makeup that suits thistime and makes our appearance modern and sweet. However, at the same time, itshould be unobservable; naturally, the application of morning makeup is quitedifferent from the form of makeup nights and noisy night outputs. Many women donot find a smooth, quiet makeup that highlights their morning appearancenaturally, and they do not know the colors that fit the face in the afternoonand during the morning.

 Therefore, every woman who wants to know how to applymakeup in the morning, and quickly, to follow this article, so that herappearance looks beautiful and distinctive while she is working or have a jobinterview or if she is studying at university.

1 – Wash the skin

As soon as we wake up, washing the skin is one of the firststeps to applying successful makeup. Wash your skin with any natural recipe orwith your skin type lye. Dry your skin with a cotton towel, soft on thesurface.

2- Foundation cream

Apply your makeup with the foundation cream as it helps tobrighten your skin and unify its color. This is done by placing some points ofcream on your hands. Distribute it to your entire face and make sure it isapplied with circular movements to cover your face. Make sure that thefoundation cream color is the same color as your skin or that it is darker thanyour skin color, so your face looks natural.

3 – Conseller

The Counselor application is also considered one of thenecessary steps in applying any makeup. It should be placed around the eye,especially under the eyelid, to help you hide the dark circles under the eye aswell as eliminate the skin defects.

4. Identification of eyes

Also, identifying eyes is an important step and should befollowed to show your feminine features with a soft day look. This is done byapplying eye shades in light golden or beige color to the skin. Apply it overthe eyelid in a smooth way and use an eye shadow brush.

5- Liner and Mascara

When you finish applying eye makeup, draw a full line ofblack eyeliner. Start from the angle of the inner eye to the outer corner ofthe eye. Draw a line from the half of the eye fold to the outer edge of the eyeto relate to the line you drew first. Use black mascara to thicken your lasheswith mascara layers on upper and lower eyelashes. Avoid using other brightcolors such as blue or brown. Also, avoid wearing false eyelashes because theydo not fit into the daytime atmosphere at all.

6 – Determination of eyebrows

 You can set your eyebrows using your eyebrow pencil,brown or black depending on the color of your hair. Draw your eyebrowsaccording to the shape of your face. Make sure that you do not increase thedefinition of your eyebrows so that your appearance will be healthy during themorning.

7. Blush

At the end of the makeup, apply blush in apricot color toyour cheeks using a place brush. With a simple touch, apply blush on the noseand front area. To be a natural and soft and get rid of intense colors, such asbrown or red, because it darkens the face and does not give your skin vitalityand freshness to suit the morning mood.

8. Lipstick

Finish your daily morning makeup with lipstick with a verycalm color such as flesh color or pink. You can do this by putting a naturalcolor lipstick. As for nail polish, avoid the loud and striking colors.However, you should take care of your nails thoroughly and be careful to trimthem and put nail polish in transparent color.