6 Simple Tricks to get the Eyeliner Perfectly | Eye Makeup

6 Simple Tricks to get the Eyeliner Perfectly Eye Makeup

Eye makeup is an essential and essential part of getting a successful face makeup. Many of us make a lot of effort to apply Eye makeup even if we do not do the same for facial makeup. However, getting makeup is still a dramatic sight.

For beginners, eye painting may be the most important thing to learn. Today, we offer you a set of simple tricks that will help you quickly draw an Eleanor in one minute, which will help you apply the perfect Eye makeup professional.

Here are the most important tricks and tips for drawing an Eleanor in an ideal way.

6  Simple  Tricks to get the Eyeliner Perfectly | Eye Makeup

1- Connecting points
These may be one of the oldest tricks suitable for beginners to get perfect results when drawing an Eleanor. Use liquid or gel aspirin to follow that method. Put a few small dots above the top lid, then connect them using short lines. After that, you can intensify the front or leave it careful.

2- Avoid eyelids
When drawing an Eleanor, do not strain the upper eyelids, causing the leaner smears and a big mess. To get rid of the Eleanor smears, use cotton sticks and dip them in a little bit of Vaseline to remove any stains or stains from the Illini or mascara.

3 – adhesive tape to get the eye of the cat
The cat’s eye painting is one of the most famous Eliner graphics that many stars adopt. You can also get a cat’s eye painting by following a simple trick. A fast-paced tape that helps you quickly draw an Eleanor. Place a piece of adhesive tape above the upper lid and lower eyelid as well. Identify the lines needed to obtain an accurate eye diagram.

4 – Use eyelids shades
Often we may be surprised by the arrival of the Eleanor, which may make you very upset. To overcome this, use eye shadow. Choose the shade of the eyelids in black or dark brown and use a brush wet with a little water to identify the eyelids.

5- Expanding the eyes using the Eliner
If you want to have eyes look more full, use the white planner instead of the black eye down. White helps to give you bright eyes with a whole appearance.

6 – Elaine stability
For a constant Alienor away from smudges and melting, follow that simple trick. You can use eyelids in dark colors, and play a vital role in the installation. Pour a little eyeliner into the eyeliner and blend well with a suitable brush.

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