Dog Breath: Causes & Cures of Bad Breath in Dogs

Dog Breath Causes Cures of Bad Breath in Dogs

Despite the splendor and beauty of dogs and the love of many to them and their keenness to raise them and provide all their essential needs, but there is something that may be troublesome for many, and it smells dogs pesky and powerful.

The bad breath in dogs may be temporary, which occurs from time to time, and it may be permanent, depending on its cause and source. In any case, bad breath must be dealt with severely and quickly as some of them have essential reasons.

We offer you in this topic five reasons that lead to the bad breath of unpleasant and disturbing dogs, which may indicate that the dog has diseases or health problems that need rapid intervention.

In general, the dog’s nuisance bad breath may be due to the small number of showers, due to a diet or due to the anal gland, and may also occur due to dental and ear problems that occur in dogs.

Therefore, we always advise you to check your dog and make sure that he is free of any health problems, and never hesitate to go to the nearest veterinarian to check on his health and do what is necessary to obtain the best care in your home.

6 things that cause pesky bad breath in dogs

1 – Skin problems that cause bad breath in dogs
If you notice unpleasant odors from the dog, it may be due to common skin problems that are common to dogs.

Skin problems in dogs appear in hot seasons and sometimes spread throughout the year. Skin diseases such as parasites and bacteria can cause a lot of unpleasant bad breath in dogs.

2- Dog diseases in dogs may cause bad smells
Most ear injuries that occur to the dog cause foul odors that may emit from the dog and concentrate around the ears.

When a dog’s ear is infected, it may also develop some skin allergy that causes unwanted bad breath in dogs.

But sometimes a rare occurrence of dog bad breath may be due to ear canal cancer, which is spread in some dog species.

If you notice any injuries or complaints to your dog from his ears, immediately refer to the nearest veterinarian.

3- Belly gases in dogs
Some dogs suffer from allergies to some foods or dry food ingredients, so they may emit gases that cause a lot of bad smell.

So if you notice some unpleasant bad breath from gases in dogs, you should change the diet routines and consult your vet about this.

Some poor types of dry food may cause this problem.

Also, sometimes gases occur as a result of gastrointestinal diseases.

4- The anal gland and dog smell problems
Anal gland is one of the factors that cause the dog to smell bad. It is not a real gland, but it is a bag located at the anus that secretes foul odors in the species of some dogs, especially grapefruit dogs.

These cysts or pockets on the sides of the anus cause the presence of a foul-smelling liquid that drains onto the anus and on the posterior feet of the cup.

Dogs need to empty the metabolic gland every period, so you should refer to your veterinarian or veterinary clinic near you for this.

5- Dental problems and bad breath in the dog
Dog odors emitting from the mouth and during the dog’s breathing indicate issues with the dog’s teeth and gums.

Tooth decay and gum infections are responsible for the smell of harmful and irritating dogs.

But this may be the most natural cause, sometimes some tumors inside the gums may cause this smell as well.

Bad dog smells may be a temporary problem that ends due to one of the minor illnesses, and they may be due to a severe disease that your dog suffers from. Therefore, we advise you to act quickly if any symptoms appear on your dog that causes anxiety.

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