9 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Colon Cancer

9 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Colon Cancer

Learn about the most important rules and tips that areimportant to apply to protect yourself from colon cancer.

Protect yourself from colon cancer

The incidence of colorectal cancer is frequent, and may bedue to daily habits and nutritional damage to the colon, along with somereasons and different risk factors, so we give you some tips to help protectyourself from the disease.

1 – Sports

I’ve heard this advice a lot, but it really does reduce your risk of many different diseases like colon cancer.

So try to incorporate sport into your daily system, starting with 10 minutes so you can get 30 minutes of sports a day.

2. Maintain a healthyweight

Excessive body fat increases the risk of colon cancer.

According to various scientific studies, the fat accumulatedin the abdominal area specifically plays a role in the increased risk of thistype of cancer.

It is therefore necessary to lose excess weight in order toreach and maintain healthy weight.

3 – the intake ofdietary fiber

Dietary fiber contributes significantly to reducing the riskof colon cancer.

Scientific studies have found that eating 10 grams ofdietary fiber a day, about a cup of pulses, reduces the risk of colon cancer byabout 10%.

Reduce red meat

And processed and processed in particular, many of whichcontribute to raising the risk of colon cancer.

Try not to exceed the weekly quota of red meat for 0.5 kg, and avoid meat entirely processed.

5. Stay away fromdrinking alcohol

Alcohol intake is associated with many health risks,including increased risk of colorectal cancer in men and women.

It is therefore necessary to keep away from drinkingalcohol, or limit it.

Do not forget to eat garlic

Garlic intake was associated with a lower risk of colorectalcancer.

So try to include it in your daily diet and use in cooking,and can eat raw garlic cloves as well.

7. Quit smoking

If you are a smoker, it is important to quit smoking, as itis associated with many different health conditions, such as colorectal cancer.

Scientific studies have shown that smokers are more likely to develop this type of cancer than non-smokers.

8. Do not neglectsymptoms

It is important to know the symptoms of colon cancer well,and do not neglect any of them if they appear.

The main symptoms of colon cancer are:

  • Diarrhea or constipation
  • Change the shape of the stool
  • Mixing the stool with blood
  • Abdominal pain accompanied by gas
  • Weakness and general fatigue
  • Sudden and unexplained weight loss
  • Anorexia.

It is important to note that not all patients show thesesymptoms, may be accompanied by anemia sometimes, so consult your doctorimmediately.

9 – Under examination

It is important to undergo colon cancer screening to protectyourself from infection, or early detection, which increases the chances ofrecovery.

It is necessary to start these tests after the age of 50,according to the doctor’s instructions