8 Steps For a Healthier Lifestyle

how to live a healthier lifestyle

How To Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered about the definition of health? How can a person be healthy? According to the World Health Organization, health is “the presence of a complete state of the quality of the physical, mental and social condition, and not merely the absence of disease or disability,” and arriving at this condition is certainly not easy, and requires some effort to preserve this blessing that God has bestowed upon us. In this article, we offer a list of a set of steps that can help you if you follow to have a healthy life.

The first step: Maintain your health stock
Perhaps the first step towards a healthy life is to maintain your health here and now; here are some tips that can help you do that

  1. Keep your regular meetings with your doctor and dentist
    Ask them about everything that comes to mind, and measure your weight and height, and through them, calculate the BMI to find out if you are overweight.

Practice the different types of exercise that you feel happy while exercising; in general, it is advised to make an average physical effort for two and a half hours, or an hour and a quarter of violent energy per week, in addition to exercises to strengthen muscles at least a day a week.

  1. Keep your energy and feelings
    A healthy life includes feeling healthy and getting enough rest; avoid the causes of depression and stress as much as possible, and try to maintain adequate sleep for seven to nine hours a day.
  2. Maintain your social networks
    These connections may be with family or friends, and it may be a relationship with fellow spiritual partners who share religious rituals; each person has an inherent need for these positive relationships that must be permanent.
  • The second step: avoid risk factors
    If you know that you are sick with one of the chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, depression or arthritis, you should put treatment of these diseases as a top priority to avoid any complications that may occur to you; in return, avoid behaviors that may destroy this health such as smoking, alcohol and various addictions, You should know that dealing with all of these problems is not easy, so you should seek help from your doctor and those close to you. If you did not seek medical advice to deal with these problems, ask for it now immediately.
  • The third step: let the laziness and move
  1. Make physical activity enjoyable
    Perhaps one of the factors that make you hate physical activity is your feeling that it is a forced activity that is imposed on you, so try to make it as enjoyable as possible; if going to the club and practicing exercise traditionally heavy on your heart, you do not have to stick to this recipe literally, take a walk and walk with your friends and members of your family, play a game with them that requires some competition and movement such as table tennis. You may also want to try sports such as karate or even dancing.
  2. Set a weekly goal for this exercise
    You can start with an easy target that you can achieve without much trouble; the weekly goal gives you a degree of flexibility if you cannot practice sports one day during the week, and reward yourself with the end of the week if you achieve the goal, you can buy flowers for yourself as a reward and express gratitude.
  3. What he does not realize all does not leave his ignorance
    If you have limited time or are exhausted, exercise a limited amount of activity commensurate with the time or effort available; you can walk while returning from work for ten minutes or go up and down the ladder several times.
  4. Use some simple devices or applications
    These devices include those that do after the steps you walk daily, as experts advise you to take 10,000 steps per day; you can also work with an individual trainer if this is available to make the training a structured job, It goes without saying that exercising physical activity is not limited to those who wish to lose weight, as sport is for everyone.

Step 4: Change your eating habits

  1. It is not about eating certain foods and avoiding others
    But it mainly relates to awareness about the different options; instead of saying “I should eat more fruits and vegetables,” say “I choose to eat more fruits and vegetables,” and although the difference between the two expressions seems slight, the last appearance feels your ability To control your choices.
  2. Plan your next meals
    Fill your fridge with healthy options so that you can choose from them, especially for snacks that you may eat when you are hungry.
  3. Eat your food calmly
    Do not eat while watching TV, work or driving, if you like cooking, the enjoyment of eating it will increase, and your feeling of fullness will be better if you do not do anything else with it.
  4. Eat five to nine fruits of various vegetables and fruits daily
    Try the different spectrum colors of these types to get the most nutritional benefit.

Step Five: Deal with stress
In general, there are two strategies for dealing with stress

  1. In the long run
    Try to acquire skills that enable you to deal with stress in general, such as meditation and yoga, to maintain a limited level of stress in general.
  2. As for the short term
    Try to find ways for you to deal with situations that increase stress; for example: if your day at work is stressful, you can go up and down the ladder several times until the energy of anger is extinguished, and you can also perform ablution or breathe in a certain way until the tension goes away.
  3. Keep records of gratitude
    In it, write the names of the positive people in your life, the happy events, and the things you are grateful for their existence. Remember the blessings that God has bestowed on you, and this record can change your sense of life when you feel that you already have a lot.

Step Six: Sleep well
If you have trouble sleeping, try these steps

  1. Avoid watching TV or computers for two hours before bed
    Not only because these devices stimulate the nervous system, but also because of the light caused by them, you can, in turn, read in quiet lighting that does not radiate directly into your eyes before bed.
  2. Do not exercise vigorously before bed
    This may cause your inner body temperature to rise and make sleeping more complicated; you can only do some stretching.
  3. Take a warm bath before bed
    This bath will raise your internal body temperature, but it will decrease when you leave the bathroom, which will help you sleep, in addition to that, the bath will help your mind relax.

After getting out of the bathroom, you can have a warm drink without caffeine, which may help you relax and sleep.

  1. Set a regular sleep schedule
    And do not depend on holidays to make up for what you missed during the week, this may work if you have one exhausting week and you need to make up for what you missed, but if you have chronic problems with sleep, you will not be able to solve it during the vacation.
  2. Do not ignore sleep problems
    If you have a problem with insomnia or any other issues, seek medical help.

Step Seven: Improve Your Human Relationships
A healthy life is not only related to a set of personal habits such as physical activity and type of food, but it is also associated with the surrounding human relationships and your ability to interact with your surrounding social circle, and these steps can help you expand your social circle:

  1. Find someone who looks like you
    Not sure enough, but you should look for someone who shares your interests and hobbies, for example.
  2. Spend time with people
    Please get to know them and try to enjoy their company.
  3. Build real and virtual relationships
    In our world, building virtual relationships online can also be beneficial, of course, with real face-to-face relationships, and this combination may help you healthily deal with life.
  4. If your close relationships cause you pain, seek help
    This may be surprising, but some researchers believe that the body receives the rejection that occurs to it from someone as real pain, so if your relationship with someone causes you a lot of pain, do not wait and ask for help.
  • The eighth step: strengthen your mind and strengthen your muscles
    Many factors can help you obtain mental fitness. Learning many new things and different spiritual activities may be associated with a lower risk of developing dementia according to many studies, So as not to affect the social aspect that we mentioned above.

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