8 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making Your Pores Look Larger

Letting your skin get dry

Dry skin causes wrinkles and makes you look older. In addition, dry skin causes pores to flatten and enlarge. So it’s not only harmful to your pores, but it also makes you look older. Fortunately, it’s easy to prevent – choose a good toner and moisturizer for your skin type and apply it to your face daily.

Some trendy products are used for skincare but should not be used on the face. Cocoa butter, coconut oil, and lanolin cream have the property of clogging pores.

Using pore-blocking products

skincare mistakes

They can be good for keeping the skin hydrated, but they can also cause spots and keep dirt inside the pores. Pimples like this can cause your pores to dilate. It’s best to find a good face cream and use these oils on your body.

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