10 tips How to look longer than you are

10 tips How to look longer than you are

Every woman cares about fashion and clothing. Unfortunately, our country shortens women in general, and that is why we need various tips to look longer. Here are 10 handy tips for those who want to look a little longer than they are.

1- V Neck Blouses
V-neck blouses or T-shirts open the neck area, making the whole body look more elegant and tall as a whole. Unlike fishing collars, you should prefer V collars to look longer. If the fabric is light and does not cover your neck completely, you can also choose hooded models.

Long Slits

2- Long Slits
The slit looks beautiful in both high heels and casual shoes. But there is a point to remember. Slashes in lightweight fabrics can make you look quite long, while slits in heavyweight fabrics may not give you that effect. You can choose dresses or skirts with side slits that suit everyone. Moreover, this season is very fashionable.

10 tips to look longer than you are

3- Spanish trotter
These cut pieces are very useful for both petite and tall women. These cuts make your legs look longer and can be preferred for almost any activity. If you have beautiful physics, you can easily choose any model. But if you have a curvaceous body, make sure your pants expand from your knee.

High Pants

4- High Pants

Although very popular at one time, low-waist trousers were the enemy of those seeking to look longer. If you do not want to shorten your image a few inches, you should prefer high-waisted trousers. High waist pants, shorts, or Capri will make your legs and body look longer. However, you should also know that this rule does not apply to skirts.

Waist Open Long Skirts

5- Waist Open Long Skirts
These tracks are great choices, especially when going to an important event. When you leave your waist open, you can look longer and thinner by choosing a long skirt. However, the fabric you want in such a combi has a significant effect. Light or heavy material can be worn for almost any event, but a combination of denim can be your enemy.

Vertical Lines

6- Vertical Lines
Vertical lines are the lifesaver of those who seek to look longer. They help you look more elegant and longer. The lines you prefer may be in the colors and thicknesses you want. There is only one rule that you should be aware that you should not use more than 2 or 3 different colors in your overall combination.

Neutral Shoe Color

7- Neutral Shoe Color
Of course, heels are very useful for those who want to look longer, but unfortunately, not all heels can achieve the desired results. Thick, vibrant colors draw attention to the lower part of the body, while the pastel-tone shoes help to make your legs longer. You should wear boots that end at the ankle, especially in autumn, because long turtlenecks make you look shorter.


8- Coveralls
You should not hesitate to wear overalls. Overalls are suitable for everyone, whether they are weak or overweight. It also makes your boiler a whole. The important thing to remember is that jumpsuits should highlight your waist. It would help if you avoided cuts that highlight your hips.

Mini Skirts

9- Mini Skirts
Mini skirts can show your height quite long when correctly selected. If you want to look longer, you should avoid narrow skirts. High-waisted mini skirts, whether worn with heels or normal shoes, make you look longer than you are.

Trousers and shoe Combination

10- Trousers and shoe Combination
When wearing trousers or tights, you must wear a shoe of the same color as the piece you are wearing. Keep in mind that very bright color tights often affect your look, while matt tights and pants integrate your look and help you look longer. Especially black shoes and black trousers/leggings are very useful.

What Do You Know to Look Longer?
We ‘ve shared 10 tips to make you look longer. Is there anything you would like to share? You can share them with our readers and us by commenting.

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