Top 10 AMAZING Halloween Makeup Tutorials 2020

Halloween is coming … What if this year, we were making Halloween Halloween makeup? Simple or very elaborate, Halloween DIY makeup is the essential element to leave others speechless. It’s time to take out products, brushes, and even latex from her makeup bag.

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Before the 31st of October, we are full of makeup. Very simple to apply, they can easily make a multitude of makeup. we put on black and white. No need to have your face entirely made up to succeed in the theme. These two makeups will do the trick for a skeleton makeup. For more elaborate makeup, do not forget fake blood and latex. Plus: color lenses for a 100% Halloween outfit.

Do not want to spend hours in front of the mirror?

We buy the Halloween eye makeup patches specially made for the zombie face makeup party. The trick? We place the great little stickers hypoallergenic, one by one, on the cheeks, the nose, the eyes or the contour of the face. That’s it!

Each year, the stars compete with imagination to find us the costume and makeup that will fly. Out of inspiration? We do not hesitate to reproduce their look. Classic but practical, our favorite movie theater heroes always make their little impression. Superwoman, Harley Quinn, Black Swann: all watches are possible thanks to the tutorials of beauté. Do not panic; these geniuses of the makeup are there to guide us in our monstrous transformation. Here are 18 cool Halloween makeup ideas.

Why we love: who has never dreamed of embodying a free mermaid with perfect beauty? There’s nothing like Halloween-like makeup to feel flippers!

Why we love him: sophisticated appearance, elf Halloween makeup, and yet as easy as he is adorable!

Why we love it: because it is an original makeup that has the merit of being very cute. Because yes, even at mummy makeup, we have the right to the costume of our choice, as adorable as it is.

Why we love: Emily, the deceased bride is one of the star characters of Tim Burton, so enjoy zipper face makeup to immerse yourself in the role.

Why we love: because, if it is well done, we risk well to disturb our friends intensely as this makeup is innovative.

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