My Eyebrows Glare and Eyelashes Lengthen in 1 Week

Lengthening eyelashes in a week

Lush eyebrows seem to not go out of fashion anytime soon. That’s why all women try to make their eyebrows different. Some women try to fill their eyebrows with special pencils and separate beauty tips, but they look “painted” and very fake. So if you’re looking for natural methods to make your eyebrows bright, a few simple but highly effective recipes you can use at home can completely change your look in a few days!

The possibility of lengthening eyelashes in a week Many girls want to highlight the beauty of the eyes and decorate them by obtaining long eyelashes give them an attractive appearance, but it does not seem so easy if they want to get quick results within one week, because the effects of recipes related to lengthening eyelashes may be different from It may take a few weeks to a few months to get long, thick eyelashes. Therefore, some girls use different mascara to promote eyelash growth and make them longer, or synthetic eyelashes, but it is a temporary solution, and may resort to eyelash transplants that are expensive and have complications. Serious, so j It is preferable to find safe and effective permanent routes.

Natural recipes for lengthening eyelashes
  Some evidence has shown that some natural oils can be useful in eyelash extensions, such as castor oil and coconut oil, [4] but the use of petroleum jelly, green tea, olive oil, aloe vera gel, and massage is not scientifically proven and can damage the eyes in the event of misuse.

Castor oil
  There are no scientific studies that have shown that castor oil helps the growth of eyelashes, but there is evidence that it contains 90% ricinolic acid that limits hair loss, with more research needed to be done to determine whether ricinolic acid can be used to reduce hair loss. Eyelashes

Castor oil contains fatty acids that can promote eyelash growth and delay hair loss. It comes in two types: cold-pressed castor oil and Jamaican black castor oil. It does not contain other irritants, by following these steps: [6] Try the oil on the arm, for example, one day before the test on the eyelashes, to make sure it is safe and does not cause irritation. Make sure the lashes are clean and free of makeup, preferably apply oil before bedtime. Dip a cotton ball into castor oil, then wipe the upper eyelid of the eyelashes. Avoid touching the inside of the eye to avoid pain. If it feels the eye, it should be washed directly. Wash your eyes in the morning with water or makeup remover. Repeat this daily to get the desired results

Coconut Oil
  Evidence and studies that prove the effectiveness of coconut oil is limited to scalp hair only, and because studies have shown that it is safe around the eyes, it is used to maintain the health of eyelashes, because it contains fatty acids that have anti-bacterial, fungus and inflammatory properties, it should be noted that it should be used Organic virgin coconut oil that does not include other substances that cause irritation and allergy, by following these steps:

Apply the oil to the upper and lower lashes before bed, just as mascara is applied, avoiding contact with the eyes. Use wet cotton to remove excess oil gently. Rinse the eyes with water the next morning, and repeat it daily to get the desired results. [7]

Note: If the oil comes into contact with the eyes, it should be washed with water immediately.

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