Hacks DIY Halloween decorations ideas

Decorate your home with Halloween decorations
Whether you are going to the store to buy Halloween decorations or making your different decorations, either way, this is the time to start getting into the Halloween atmosphere. Red color to express blood and white to ghosts. The most important thing when making home decorations to show Halloween is to focus on these colors. But the only thing to buy is honey. Do what you want in the pumpkin, sculpture, or coloring, and put it around the house and put inside some candles burning. Cut some black leaves in the form of insects and hang them, or spread them around the house. Do not underestimate the effect you can make with candles and black sheets of different shapes. They can give you scary shadows. I searched on Pinterest a bit to give you some ideas, and in fact, Martha Stewart’s pictures helped me a lot. Choose from these ideas what you like and decorate your home in the spirit of Halloween.

The Mummy


The terrible door

Mummy cup

Cheesecloth Ghost

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