8 Biggest Makeup Mistakes Over 45

3. Shadow rides wrong

3. Driving the headlamp incorrectly When driving the headlamp, do not cover the entire eyelid with color. Just drive out. That makes you look old.

4. Apply the eye pencil to the lower part of the eye

4.Wearing the eye
Pencil under the eye If you’re putting the eye pencil under the eye, your eyes should be big. Choose a near-white eyeliner to make your eyes look big.

5. Do not apply blush to cheekbones

5. Do not apply blush
to your cheekbones Apply a bright
To your hair, not to your cheekbones.

6. Don't make your eyebrows too thick

6. Do not thicken your eyebrows too thick and large eyebrows to stand, gives you a horse expression.

7. Do not skip using concealer

7. Do not skip
The use of concealer Remembers to use a concealer to cover the dark eye and under-eye rings.

8. Do not use excess lip liner

8. Do not use the lip pencil excessively
An extreme lip liner shows you not pretty old.

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