7 Weight Gaining Mistakes You Do Before Going to Bed

7 Weight Gaining Mistakes You Do Before Going to Bed

Eating healthy, drinking water and exercising, tips that we all keep by heart and echo in the ears of those who want to lose extra weight and get a great body and athlete. But what about the night routine? Yes, nighttime exercise mainly affects your body weight, even if you are committed to a healthy diet throughout the day. In addition to eating late at night, you may gain weight, but other factors we do help you gain weight.

1. Eat caffeine late in the night Although caffeine, in general, helps to burn fat a large proportion throughout the day, but eating at night, especially before sleep, lead to overweight to contain coffee on the component, “Chlorogenic”, which has a factor in weight during Sleep, so it is better to eat anise or mint before bedtime.

Eat caffeine late in the night

2. Insomnia and lack of adequate sleep The number of hours of sleep that every person should get daily ranges from 7 to 8 hours, so sleeping late or sleeping Less than 7 hours affects the rate of combustion in the body and slows down as well. This rate leads to weight gain. Waking up for long hours leads to hunger and weight gain.

3 – Use of electronic devices Scientists have confirmed that the use of electronic devices that radiate the light blue (Blue Light) lead to insomnia and inability to sleep and weight increase significantly, especially that the use of electronic devices leads to disruption of the secretion of the body of some hormones responsible for the sense of sleepiness and thus leads to Insomnia and then disable fat burning rates in the body.

4. Waking up late in the day may lead to weight gain noticeably? Some studies have shown that people who wake up early have a balance in the body than others in the sense that they have a significant balance between their height and weight. So try to wake up early and go outdoors.

5 – Colors around you Did you know that colors are a key factor in your sense of hunger? Blue, for example, makes you feel comfortable and relaxed and feel sleepy and sleepy. Fire colors such as red, orange, etc. make you want to wake up for long hours and then feel hungry. So be aware of the colors you contemplate before you sleep and surround yourself.

6. Eating late hours of the night Many people know that the last meal should be at least three hours before bedtime, but many do not adhere to this rule, especially those who watch until late hours. Besides weight gain because of eating until late, Such as high cholesterol and others.

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