7 Warning Signs of a Blood Clot That Can’t Be Ignored

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Both greatly increase the likelihood of developing blood clots. When it comes to birth control pills, they contain female hormones in different forms that can increase the risk of blood clotting. Blood clots may develop on your body because you sit on long airplanes without moving your legs for a long time. This inactivity makes it difficult for your blood to return from your legs and feet to your heart. When your blood circulates through your veins at a slower rate, then blood clots form. When these clots prevent your blood from flowing through your veins, we call it Deep Vascular Thrombosis (DVT).

These blood clots usually dissolve on their own, but they can be fatal if they spread to another part of the body, such as our lungs or our heart. The problem is, it’s not always easy to identify these clots.

a blood clot in brain surgery recovery

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