7 Amazing Facts About How to Maintain Permanent Makeup That Lasts Long

7 Amazing Facts About How to Maintain Permanent Makeup That Lasts Long

After spending a lot of time applying makeup and getting an attractive look, it is regrettable that this makeup will fade quickly within one hour. Most women face this problem as a result of inappropriate makeup, environmental pollution, and other external factors.

If you want to maintain a permanent makeup that lasts all day, there are some necessary steps you should follow, and you should choose high-quality makeup tools to give you better results.

Here are the most basic steps and tricks that give you permanent makeup that lasts long.

1 – Wash facial skin

Preparing the skin well before applying makeup is essential to ensure you get regular makeup. Start by washing your facial skin to get rid of any excess fatty impurities or secretions that may interact with your makeup and contribute to a quick fade. Do not forget to dry your skin thoroughly using a perfectly clean towel before you start applying makeup.

2 – moisturizing the skin

Using an appropriate moisturizing cream is suitable for a soft foundation before applying makeup. If you are dry skin, choose a rich moisturizer with all nutrients that do not break your skin. Do not forget to distribute the moisturizing cream to the neck area and do not use it to avoid leaving a sticky touch on your skin.

3- Using primer

Primer is one of the essential cosmetic products that help make the makeup lasting for long hours. It works to cover the pores of the skin and gives you a soft foundation for the natural distribution of foundation cream. Just sprinkle a little primer on the entire face and eyelids too and leave it to dry before applying makeup.

4. Choose the appropriate foundation cream

Choose silicone-rich foundation cream that will fill and cover pores entirely. In the case of dry skin, choose a combination rich in moisturizing ingredients that do not break the skin. If you have any pigmentation or dark spots on your skin, use the colonel to cover it entirely before the foundation cream is distributed. Do not use the concealer on the entire face, making sure to blend it well on the skin of the face and neck.

5 – powder installation

To install your makeup well, choose high-quality powder, and distribute it with a suitable brush. Do not spread a large number of explosives only in an appropriate quantity and do not use the brush violently; it may cause the removal of makeup cosmetics for the skin.

6- Curl eyelashes

Use the eyelash press to crimp it before applying the mascara. Heat it a little with electric detergent, but do not use excess heat to prevent burning your lashes. Then, use the eyelash press three times and use the mascara.

7 Apply lipstick

The best way to keep lipstick constant long is to use a creamy concealer on your lips before using lipstick. Distribute the concealer to the entire lips and blend well, then leave to dry completely. Then, use lip pencils to fill your lips. In the end, the diffuser several layers of lipstick.

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