3 false health rumors about the causes of breast cancer circulated among girls!

3 false health rumors about the causes of breast cancer circulated among girls!

The girls’ community is full of endless conversations about skin care, healthy habits or experiences, and about celebrities and their lives. But here we will only care about the medical part. Have you read about that bras or deodorants may be the causes of breast cancer? Or have you ever heard about bathing during your period?

Not only are these rumors about what we will prove or deny, but there are many other rumors that we must put a separation between what is true and what is wrong, what do you think? Let’s start the journey.

Rumors cause breast cancer!

Almost did not call the people of social networking sites, but mentioned that it is a cause of breast cancer! For example, it is very common to wear a bra at night, a bra with wires, or use of deodorants or that bathing during the entire menstrual cycle may lead to breast cancer! But where did these rumors come from?

From which rumors came the causes of breast cancer?

 You may find one of these rumors on a social networking site or you may be hearing from a friend. The rumors may spread back to 1995 after a book that women wearing a bra with or without wire for 12 hours were more likely to have breast cancer Compared to others who do not wear it! But where is the truth?

The first common: Do wearing wire bras cause breast cancer?

Wearing bras with long wires causes the lymphatic system to constrict, leading to accumulation of toxins in the breasts!


In fact, according to the American Cancer Society, body fluids move up and into the lymph nodes under the armpit, not around the wires in the bras, and there is not enough evidence that any types of bras cause breast cancer.

In addition, there are other factors involved in the causes of breast cancer, including dietary habits and the amount of exercise, reproductive processes, in addition to the amount of medical care received by women, and therefore can not be sure that the reason is the chest, not forgetting the factor of aging.

In fact, there may also be a factor that has been overlooked and is weight! Women entrepreneurs larger weight may be more susceptible to breast cancer, and thus are most likely to wear these vests, and therefore this may be the interpretation of a relationship between the incidence of breast cancer and these waistcoats.
If the idea of ​​this relationship is likely to be that most of the women who have the disease was the result of their excessive weight and not because of their chest wear mostly.

According to Harvard University, a study was conducted on a group of women from the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle, where they interviewed a group of about 1,000 women with cancer and another interview with a group of about 500 non-cancer women , And these interviews covered the risk factors for cancer and the habits of wearing bras.

The findings concluded that there was no link between wearing bras (whether with wires or without or even with long hours) and breast cancer.

Common Second: Déodorants Cause Brest Cancer!

Here we go to the second most common rumor (deodorants of the causes of breast cancer) you may have read more than once and heard hundreds of times, because of the belief that deodorants cause the absorption of chemicals across the skin, and thus prohibit the release of toxins when sweating, Lead to the accumulation of these toxins in the breast.

Some also believe that most breast cancers develop in the upper outer quadrant of the breast because this region is closest to the lymph nodes exposed to antihistamines.
 Some even believe that men are less likely to develop breast cancer because of antihistamines, because they often do not shave the hair under the armpit, thus preventing chemicals from reaching the armpit.


Even the most powerful antiperspirants do not prevent all sweat from coming out in the armpit. All toxic and carcinogenic substances are also taken out of the kidneys through urine or through the liver.
That is, sweating is not the only way to get rid of toxins from your body, even though there are concerns about some chemicals found in the deodorants, but so far have not been proven to cause cancer.
 According to the American Cancer Society, there are no strong scientific studies supporting the quality of the relationship between antihistamines and breast cancer, and existing studies support this claim. A 2002 study comparing 813 women with breast cancer and 793 non-infected patients did not find a link between the disease and the use of antiperspirants or armpit shave.

Common Thiers: Bastaing dring menstruation causes cancer

Bathing during the menstrual cycle causes problems for ovulation, and sometimes it may be caused by breast cancer or ovarian cancer!
 Some kitties also believe that cold water causes contractility of the ovaries, and warm water causes increased bleeding during the menstrual


 We did not find a link between breast or ovarian cancer and bathing during the menstrual cycle!

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